Morester Children’s Home

Morester Children’s Home is more than an institute where destitute children are sent for help. It is a place of safety and a home for children who are in dire need of love, affection an stability. With the new year in full swing, the home is in desperate need of assistance. As the home runs on government grants and donations, the community’s help is needed. We have had an influx of girls coming into our care. This is due to girls facing greater risks at falling victim to social ills and predators than boys. This is where homes such as Morester Children’s Home comes in. Morester Children’s Home is not only a home for permanent residence, but also acts as a place of safety for children. At the moment, we have reached full capacity with 35 children, of which 24 are girls and 11 are boys. With the children facing hardships that many adults are not aware of, it is imperative that they are assisted. We need help with toiletries and will appreciate any help. Specialised stationary such as accounting and science books, and calculators are also needed. School uniforms are also desperately required. We require uniforms for Amajuba School, Hope High School and Tugela School. We will gladly take second-hand uniforms.