We strive to Leave a Legacy in the Community of Newcastle

Founding Date
Year 2013.

Kahlil Gibran once said, “You give but little when you give of your possession. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ”These are words that Leaving a Legacy lives by, as we selflessly dedicate ourselves and our time to the community. An initiative which sees ourselves participating in the daunting annual Memel – Newcastle 55km Walk , we raise funds for various charitable organisations in Newcastle, Kzn,South Africa. As Leaving a Legacy enters its fifth year of existence, how was the project formed? “ It started with a couple of friends training for the 55km race when we started discussing how much effort goes into training. We thought why not do it for a cause and from there Leaving a Legacy was born.” Since its inception, Leaving a Legacy has raised funds for the SPCA, La Gratitude Old Age home, St Martins Village for abandoned children,Esperanza Special Needs School and is now looking at raising much-needed funds for Morester Children’s Home. Leaving a Legacy dedicate themselves solely to the upliftment of those in need. Why does Leaving a Legacy feel it is so important to help others and give back to the community? Life could be described as a set of challenges, problems and hassles. “We sometimes imagine that if we could just deal with the immediate challenge that we are facing, all our problems would be over. But life is not like that. If we resolve one problem, others are just around the corner. The temptation is to see these challenges as preventing us from carrying out the task God has given us. In actual fact, dealing with the problems is full filling the task He has given us.” Because of this, that it is so important for people to work together when becoming involved in charity work. Through a combined effort, even the smallest of people can make a big difference. Why getting involved in charitable causes? What motivates us to make a difference? It is a privilege to be used by God as His tool within the community. Furthermore, we want to be able to inspire others to continue making a difference within the community, using the tools God has given them.” With Leaving a Legacy striving to leave a positive imprint on Newcastle, we are truly creating a Legacy of Giving in our community.

Our Legacy Makes A Change